Nike got fucked up in Portland

from PSA:

In the spirit of May Day 2012 in Seattle, a Nike store alongside a major street in Portland had about half of its front windows smashed out with a baseball bat.

One of the large panes had text that spoke of community building. As the Portland ‘LGBTQ’ Pride NW festival and parade approaches, we queers cringe in disgust while corporate branding dominates the whole of the festivities.

Nike increasingly invests in their so-called community (i.e. people who will buy their products) through events such as Pride, yet if Nike were involved in such a thing as a community they wouldn’t ignore key members such as the modern slaves working in their sweatshops.

This action taken in memory of three trans women of color who were murdered last month, Kelly Young, Ashley Sinclair, and Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove. Your beauty lives on through our rage!

Also taken in solidarity with those resisting the PNW grand jury, especially those who have been displaced by the state, and to show that action is still possible under the watchful eye of the FBI.

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