The feds are prowling around Olympia and Seattle again

They’ve visited a number of houses and The Evergreen State College looking for various people. Sometimes they’ve named names; other times they’ve just made their presence known and gone away. We have no firm indication that they are attempting to serve subpoenas.

What should we do on a day like today?

Foremost, do not panic. Take deep breaths, go for a walk (it is a beautiful sunny day in Washington), do whatever you need to do to stay focused and calm.

If your house is visited, do not open the door. Ask the feds who they are looking for, and tell them that you have nothing to say to them. Let people know that you have been visited. If they say someone’s name, make sure you notify that person.

Make a plan. What would you do if you were subpoenaed? Would you resist by appearing and refusing to testify? Are you prepared to go to prison?

If you are not prepared to go to prison, BE HONEST ABOUT IT.

A lesson to be learned from a prior debacle is this: those who feel unable to endure a possibly lengthy stay in prison, including segregation or solitary confinement, should find other options.

If you feel weak, then do what you must to feel strong. Forget any pressure to appear in any venue: you owe nothing to the media, you owe nothing to “the cause.” What you do, you should do for yourself and those you love. Reach into yourself, find a rock on which you can plant yourself. Get help from those close to you. Find your strength. As important as strength, is flexibility. Find that, as well. Bend when you need to, so that you do not break.

If prison is anathema to you, then avoid it. Flight is not easy, but it should be considered. There are numerous people on the run: Kerry and S. have publicly announced their noncooperation through flight, and others have left quietly. Talk with your closest friends about how you would handle that situation. Prepare a plan. Have cash on hand.

Stay safe. Stay loyal to each other. Remain, as always, in conflict.

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  2. When the devil(s) showed up on the door step, they struck a rock! Lol.
    Here’s what they have “won”:

    Full coverage of this kkkrap today on WOIC AM 1230 in Columbia, South Carolina (streamed live on at 7am (PDT).

    Davey D of Hard Knock Radio will have an EXCLUSIVE interview with one of the people visited by the FBI on his show on KPFK 94.1 FM and at at 6pm (PDT) today as well.

    And MORE on the Special May Day 2013 episode of All Power To The Positive!, which drops on April 30th.

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  4. marais says:

    Federal Public Defenders: 206-553-1100

    Anyone who feels that it would be worthwhile to contact a lawyer, or have a representative should contact the number listed above and you will be assigned one. This contact can be made at anytime.

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