Arson of private security vehicle (Bristol, UK)

from Pugetsoundanarchists:

last night fire erupted in the tranquillity of bristols well-to-do redland area, targeting a marked vehicle of Standfast Ltd. besides the usual functions that led us to attack a company invested in “security” (as always, securing the sanctity of private property in mass society) one of their many cctv contracts in bristol, bath, avon, somerset and gloucestershire is both state and private schools, where as you can read in the newspapers even the toilets are no escape from the cameras.

daily submission under impersonal institutions rarely comes naturally. after the nuclear family, the education system at all stages is instrumental in adapting the free child to the civilized world of workplaces, malls and (other) prisons that todays youth are destined for. constant surveillance has proven a most effective step in this domesticating process, kids learning to selfregulate under the assumption that they’re permanently being watched, and this has been made to seem normal by reality tv, the saturation of control technology in the dead synthetic urban enviroment (supplied by the likes of Standfast Ltd.), and the atomised crowd of a generation filled with selfish fear of punishment or repremand.

but it is often still the young people who are least destroyed by this onslaught and who still find themselves impelled to refuse the system (like the riots last summer and scattered moments of revolt everyday since and before). this is just a reminder – WHEN YOU HIT A LENS IT WILL BREAK LIKE ANYTHING ELSE! so shouts to youth rebellion against society, the claimants of the recent attack on security vehicles in nottingham, and everyone else committed to the timeless crime of freedom!

strength for Gustavo Quiroga, held in immigration detention after the Delta squat eviction in Thessaloniki, and for the Gremlin Alley resisters in cardiff!
strength for the anarchists non-cooperating with the grand jury in the american northwest, and for the ones who fled from it!

strength for the street fighters held for the march29 battles in Barcelona, and Carolina whos accused of burning a Starbucks that inspiring day!

anarchy here, now and always — yours in war, counter-surveillance cores.

counter-surveillance cores

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