Love for the Silent Ones

Love for the Silent Ones (reading, imposed)

Seattle. It came to light on July 25, 2012, when the FBI served subpoenas in Portland and Olympia. Earlier that morning, the pigs executed a heavily armed raid at homes of anarchists in Portland. Since that day, agents have served two other people. Feds have further attempted and failed to serve at least four others. One person has publicly communicated that they, abetted by comrades, evaded the threat of a subpoena.

The stated purpose of the subpoenas and raids is to investigate the vandalism of the federal courthouse on Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle. However, the May Day black bloc is not the beginning or end of anarchist revolt over the past few
years. This escalation is not limited to tactics used on May
1st. Recent actions include but are not limited to arson and
sabotage targeting banks, police substations, and churches.

The grand jury may be investigating these crimes, or perhaps
it is not. The feds are dusting off long unused charges, so
perhaps they seek to establish new precedent. Regardless, the
grand jury’s purpose is broader than prosecuting those who
vandalized federal property. Grand juries intend to suppress
revolt, to instill fear in those who would manifest their hatred
for the civilized order.

Success of the pig strategy cannot yet be judged. Regardless,
comrades who defy authorities disrupt the scales of law and
justice. Furthermore, the many acts of solidarity reinforce,
escalate, and intensify the war against domination.
Beyond the razing of every prison
For an endless crescendo of violent dissonance
For the destruction of this world

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