Three accounts from a march in Portland. Mainstream media, with videos (1) (2).

from PSA:

This meant as a short overview of the events that transpired during the Oct. 11th solidarity march with grand jury resisters and is not meant to be some in-depth analysis. This is written from my individual perspective and in no way does this represent the totality of what went down.

On Oct. 11 a group of around 75 people gathered in a small park in S.E. Portland in response to a call of solidarity with Leah, Matt, and KateeO who were all swept up by the state in the most recent wave of repression targeting anarchists in the Pacific N.W. The crowd was made up of many folks who I had not seen in a long time as well as new faces of folks whom I had never met. The sight of so many new faces and old friends was refreshing.

A banner was unfurled that read: “BURN THE PRISONS, HUG CATS. YOLO (A) ACAB” and as a voice rang out from the crowd “the state kidnapped Leah, KateeO, and Matt, let’s show the state what happens when they imprison our friends!” The crowd cheered and began to pour into the street.

As the march got underway construction signs were pulled into the street and the chant “OUR PASSION FOR FREEDOM IS STRONGER THEN THEIR PRISONS!” could be heard echoing though the quiet SE neighborhood. As the crowd made it on to Hawthorne Blvd newspaper boxes were pulled out into the street as well as more construction signs. As the crowd passed an Umpqua Bank several large windows were bashed out. This was met by cheers from the crowd. More newspaper boxes were pulled into the streets as the crowd yelled “GIVE NO FUCKS TAKE NO ORDERS, SMASH THE PRISONS AND THE BORDER!” As the march passed a Wells Fargo Bank, a chair, which had been expropriated from a nearby posh cafe, made its way through one of the banks windows and another march participant began kicking the banks glass door in an unsuccessful attempt to break it, this was also met with cheers of approval. Nearby bar patrons began to yell in support and confusion and a group of youth at the bus stop joined the march albeit temporarily. As the crowd began to turn north on Cesar Chavez Blvd a rock was thrown through the window of a Chase Bank. As the march continued forward a US Bank had several windows smashed-out and a Walgreens had a brick slab thrown through a glass door. At this point the march began to dissipate.

In the end there were no arrests and at no point did the march encounter police, however the corporate media reported that several people were temporarily detained after the march, but I cannot confirm that. The corporate media also claimed in their coverage of this event that the march attacked pedestrians with bottles. This like most corporate media claims is completely false and borders on the ridiculous. In fact at no time did I witness any “citizen heroes” from within or outside the march attempt to disrupt militant tactics, nor were there any negative exchanges with bystanders that I saw. Since the initial FBI raids on the homes of anarchists in Portland back in July and the subsequent grand jury subpoenas and imprisonments this was the first public militant response in Portland to state repression. While I think we need to aware of the limitations of our actions and always strive to broaden and deepen the struggle against capital and the state, it’s reassuring to see militant activity in response to repression as opposed to making the mistake hiding away in fear and isolation.

I urge people to continue to support the grand jury resisters in whatever capacity they can. Write a letter and throw some money their way cause that shits important too.

For updates on the Grand Jury and the resistance to it check out

In complicity and solidarity,

-a RIP City anarchist


from Anarchistnews:

Last night on 10/11, a march convened in the streets of SE Portland, just a day after a third PNW comrade has been imprisoned by Federal scum for resisting their Grand Jury subpoenas.

The Judge, the Feds, and the State know all too well that Matt, KteeO, and Leah will continue to resist their coercion. These ignorant state officials somehow live in a fantasy land where radical solidarity doesn’t exist…

Four banks along the path of our march were smashed, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and rocks through a Chase and finally a U.S. Bank. 2

Banks both invest in and profit from the Prison Industry that is being used to suppress our activities against the state by imprisoning our comrades.

A Walgreens window was also hit. Our local media devour false police rumors, such as what seems to be fabricated reports that bottles were thrown at pedestrians. It was quit the contrary, with pedestrians and bar-goers cheering us on and joining in on chants, with some even joining the march as we encouraged them to do so! Despite some marchers not understanding the purpose of blockades, no one was arrested when the thick-headed cops finally broke it up, though a few marchers were briefly detained and released, apparently.

SMASH ALL PRISONS & BANKS, TOPPLE THE STATE! Solidarity to all in prison and especially those queers, because we queers DESTROY with the fierceness!



from PSA:

If the Portland Police thought they could stop people from breaking shit by making an example of Pax, they were WRONG!

Last night, with only 12 hours notice, a crowd of about 50 people assembled for a march in solidarity with Leah and the other grand jury resisters. We gathered in a park between Belmont and Hawthorne around 8:30pm. Someone unfurled a banner that read “BURN PRISONS – HUG CATS – YOLO (A) ACAB,” then someone else shouted “Leah, Matt, and KteeO are in prison. That’s fucked! Let’s show the state what happens when they put our friends in prison!”

With that, we were off. We took a left onto Hawthorne and as soon as we rounded the corner, BANG. Rocks through windows of Umpqua Bank. We easily held the two eastbound lanes and continued marching. Newspaper boxes, trash cans, and sandwich boards alike were thrown in the street. Someone repurposed a metal chair sitting outside a cafe, and sent it flying through a large window of Wells Fargo Bank. It was truly a glorious sight to behold. With every broken window came applause and cheering.

At Cesar Chavez Boulevard, rocks went through Chase Bank windows and we took a left, now holding the two northbound lanes. Two more rocks went through the street-side windows of US Bank, making this the third time since February that this location has been attacked.

We took a right onto Belmont and the motion-activated sliding front door of Walgreens was smashed. The opening and closing broken door was pretty funny.

A few blocks from there, we heard police sirens in the distance and decided to disperse on our own terms to claim a small victory, rather than wait for the pigs to bust us up. When the cops finally reached the area everyone had scattered. They detained a few people they managed to find, but had no reason to arrest anyone.

Solidarity with all of the grand jury resisters; comrades arrested in San Francisco this past weekend; and Amazon and Cat, two trans women imprisoned in California on hunger strike for an end to single-celling of trans women, and ultimately the destruction of all of civilization. We’ll see you at the barricades!

In times of repression we find joy in revolt! Portland has been slumbering for far too long; the time to attack is now!

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