Solidarity actions and statements to date

Many thanks and love to everyone striking and speaking against the grand jury. They are far from finished in their campaign of repression, but, given this flurry of activity, I have no doubt there are many who are not finished coming at them.

  • NYC – a banner drop
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – a solidarity demonstration
  • East St. Louis, IL – an attack on a courthouse
  • Oakland, CA – an attack on a police substation
  • Oakland, CA – an attack on 2 police vehicles and a police recruitment center
  • Kirkland, WA – an attack on a courthouse
  • San Francisco, CA – an attack on 9 police vehicles
  • Seattle, WA – a banner drop
  • Oakland, CA – a banner drop
  • San Francisco, CA – a banner drop
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA – a beautiful statement of solidarity
  • East St. Louis, IL –  an attack on police vehicles
  • Bloomington, IN – a noise demonstration outside of a jail
  • Portland, OR -a popular statement of solidarity has been signed by dozens of organizations
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5 Responses to Solidarity actions and statements to date

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  2. War says:

    You should make this a page so you can continue adding to it. 🙂

  3. As noted on the contact page, this page does not represent the subpoenaed or anyone who may, in the future, be indicted. It is a site created to spread information about grand jury resistance in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

    The state may use solidarity actions to smear people, but that remains true regardless of whether those actions are reposted on this site.

  4. for real? says:

    Listing illegal solidarity actions (attacks!) on this semi official seeming support page isn’t very wise. Why help make the prosecutor’s job easier by helping them paint the noncooperating witnesses as part of some vast *terrorist* conspiracy? Sure it’s legal and the nonwitnesses have nothing directly to do with those actions –so it’s safe right? Only if you trust the gov’t to follow it’s own laws and expect them not to notice this, not to use it to try to extend the grand jury and finally trust them not to use it to smear these folks in the press and grand jury room.

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