Stencils and slogans (Athens, Greece)

from Contra info:

Freiheit Für Marco Camenisch

On Tuesday, August 7th, we painted slogans and stencils as part of the ten days of action against repression. We chose to highlight, as much as possible, two different cases and show our solidarity by means available to us.

We made the first series of stencils and slogans in solidarity with anarchist Marco Camenisch, who is incarcerated for 20 years because of his eco-anarchist actions and subversive stance. It is obvious that the prosecuting authorities, across Europe, consider Marco Camenisch as a permanent threat to the system of domination, so they try to keep him in prison in every way they got, despite the fact that he has now served 2/3 of his prison sentence and therefore is entitled to be released. His name’s involvement in the repressive ‘operation boldness’ that was recently launched by the Italian Inquisitors is yet another attempt to keep him captive for life. As Marco announced through a recent letter from the Swiss dungeon, he plans to begin a hunger strike in late August, in order to denounce the special regime in prisons and the fiasco of the latest informal prosecution against him. We send him all our strength and cry out FREEDOM FOR MARCO CAMENISCH!

Solidarity with Grand Jury Resisters-USA

The second thematic concerns the call for actions in solidarity with those who resist the Grand Jury proceedings in the United States. The Grand Jury is an institution of the federal legal system of the US, having the jurisdiction to indict or not individuals suspected of involvement in ‘organized crime’. Essentially, this is a special inquisitorial body of citizens/jurors (who are not even screened for bias) that investigate the activities of political adversaries of the US democracy, working in complete privacy/secrecy (obeying the will of the federal prosecutor/US attorney). Thus, the grand juries also comprise a first stage towards indictment charges in accordance with the anti-terrorism legislation.

Since early August, anarchist comrades and activists have been subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury under a repressive operation against the radical space in the Pacific Northwest. Those who resist grand juries, by refusing to cooperate with the authorities and to provide evidence or testimony to this legal body, are threatened with pretrial detention up to 18 months or until the Grand Jury decides whether they will be brought to trial.

Solidarity with the Grand Jury Resisters-USA

Direct actions in solidarity with Grand Jury resisters have already taken place inSt. LouisAtlantaNew YorkOaklandSan FranciscoSeattle and elsewhere, while events for financial aid are on the way. We believe that the international anarchist movement has a responsibility to support comrades who do not cooperate with the US prosecuting authorities, the FBI and the joint terrorism task forces, so we tried to make the issue known here, too, with this small symbolic action. From the 24th to the 30th of August, solidarity groups are calling for a week of joint actions in as many places as possible, given that the next meeting of the Grand jury is scheduled for August 30th in Seattle.

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